TerraTrike Rambler EVO Electric Recumbent TrikeGrand Rapids, MI-based TerraTrike has officially announced their new Rambler EVO, a recumbent trike with electric assist. It has a host of unique features, including a 300 lb weight capacity, a 750W 5-phase electric motor by Falco eMotors, and a large enough battery to promise up to 60 miles. TerraTrike spent two years in developing this trike in collaboration with Falco.

It’s based on their regular, non-electric Rambler. The name Rambler EVO is based on that, with EVO standing for Electric Vehicle Option. The 5-phase motor is designed to be quiet, lightweight and very efficient. It provides assist via a torque sensor. Power delivery can be customized by the customer via an Android app (iOS coming soon), but it’s still limited to 20 mph. Additional accessories, a console, throttle and motor power switch allow users to adjust assistance levels, put the motor in regenerative mode on downhill stretches, even use what they call the “crawl function” to get the trike rolling from a stop, and it even has a reverse gear for backing up (limited to 2 mph. Sorry, daredevils!)

The frame is made of chromoly steel and the bike is full of amenities, from the comfort mesh seat and direct steering to disc brakes to a cup holder.



“We’ve been working on this for over two years with the Falco team,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike, “and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The E.V.O. represents the next step for recumbents – getting our customers out for longer rides, taking the overall triking experience to a new level.”


TerraTrike Rambler EVO Electric Recumbent Trike

Offered in a bold electric yellow and black paint finish, the E.V.O. ($2999 MSRP) will be available through all authorized TerraTrike dealers in late July. More information can be found on the TerraTrike website at