New Products: Spurcycle’s Hip Pack

Spurcycle’s Hip Pack

Product information provided by Spurcycle

Nick Slone, Spurcycle’s co-founder and COO, wasn’t satisfied with the bag he was using while riding. “Usually the development projects we work on consider a broad range of users and attempt to balance various criteria related to successful commercialization. With this, I just wanted to build a better bag for myself. It was a pet project, something I wanted to do because I could. Since moving to Bend, I’ve been spending lots of time on the mountain bike and will be back on my skate skis soon. This bag is perfect—just what I wanted… and hopefully something others will like as much as I do.”

Spurcycle’s version of yesteryear’s fanny-pack has been transformed using ultra-modern materials and coined simply Hip Pack. Like many of the brand’s products, the Hip Pack is made in the USA and uses top-of-the-line materials (Dyneema and X-pac fabrics) to yield a technical yet simple and lightweight pack (250 grams).

The four-liter-in-volume Hip Pack will hold a half-day’s supplies and is shaped for secure trail carry. The heavy-duty zipper closure provides one-handed access and the inner perimeter features four pockets for easy access to nutrition or tools. An internal zipper pocket keeps phone and other valuables secure and a lanyard puts keys where you can find you them after a long adventure. Lastly, the pack’s external shock cord provides a convenient place to stash a vest, arm warmers, or even a backup water bottle.

Spurcycle’s Hip Pack will retail for $135 and is available now at . It should be stocked and available through Spurcycle’s dealer network by mid-December. Spurcycle’s Hip Pack is the most recent collaboration of brothers Nick and Clint Slone, following the Spurcycle Bell, Key Clip, Multi Pouch, Multi Tool and Saddle Bag. Their focus—in addition to meticulous design—is to create products that don’t require a slick sales pitch but which encourage blatant favoritism.

Spurcycle goods are sold through independent bike shops, REI, Backcountry or direct via 


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