New Product Discovery: Haibike Flyon Motor

There’s another new mid-drive motor on the market. Haibike has developed their own motor based on the TQ motor, and ! It’s called the Flyon, and it has some insane specs. It has a whopping 120 N/m of torque (Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano boast 70–90 N/m).

The round shape of the motor virtually hides it behind the front chainring, and with the 630-Wh battery integrated into the downtube, it looks like just another mountain bike, possibly save for the integrated lighting and a grill in the head tube for air intake to keep the battery cool.

Motor Haibike HPR 120S: Conquer steep ascents, “fly” over trails, explore new frontiers and extend them: An extra strong power package — Made in Germany — ensures the necessary power when you need it, with perfect modulation possible through the five custom assist modes. Together with the technology supplier TQ we developed a dynamic motor that is the most powerful mid motor on the market at the moment providing up to 120 Nm torque. Thanks to it’s patented transmission the motor offers extreme power and efficiency in a compact package.

LightHaibike Skybeamer: Why only master difficult trails and demanding routes by day? The Skybeamer is available in three versions with 150, 300 or 5.000 lumen meaning you can now safely stay out riding after dark! Parking your bike for the short and dark days during the winter months will now be a thing of the past thanks to the powerful headlight. With the Skybeamer 5000 we developed an independent system with daylight, which provides a classic low beam as well as a high beam light with over 5.000 lumen. The light can be operated manually via remote or fully automatically via a brightness sensor in the display.

Integration Speed sensor disc: A newly developed speed sensor disc sends 18 signals per rotation of the wheel to the system and measures the speed 18 times more accurately than any other system available on the market. In this way, the system is able to react significantly faster and more dynamically to changing requirements and recognises acceleration even at slow speeds, e. g. hill starts. The sensor itself is safely positioned out of the way of harm and integrated in the left frame dropout.

Cockpit Haibike Remote: For the central interface between rider and system we developed a remote that can be operated intuitively, which follows the compact FLYON design language and provides perfect ergonomics: The mode switch is positioned below the handlebar and can be reached via thumb even during the ride. Not only the mode display serves as feedback, but also a clearly visible LED strap on the remote which changes the colour depending on the level of assistance.

An all-new display offers information, like speed and mode in differing colors to let you know what mode you’re in using peripheral vision, and speed gets bigger as you go faster to make it easier to see at a glance. The display is built into the stem, as is a Skybeamer light that puts out 150, 300 or 5000 lumens for night riding. There’s rear lighting built into the seatstays. An optional 10-amp charger can charge the high-capacity battery to 80 percent in one hour. It will be featured on their higher-end bikes, all in the Xduro range.


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