Moustache Friday 26 A Cool Commuter

If you’re one of those riders who wants a bike that’s different and who likes having fun while getting around, Moustache has got the bike for you! They created the Friday 26 because sometimes riders just want to have a little fun. Think of it as the bicycle version of “casual Friday” at the office. It’s fast in the city and practical, sporty and fun once you break out of the urban jungle! The Friday 26 has a legendary Brooks saddle, Moustache’s tubular mudguards, and 26-inch balloon tires for more comfort, to go fast, and for added fun.


friday_26_9s_compteur_thumb     friday_26_9s_moteur_thumb

The centralized Bosch motor capitalizes on changing gears, much like a car with a manual transmission. The speed at which the motor rotates is directly related to pedaling cadence, which means that if gear-changing is done intelligently, you can optimize consumption.