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7 Reasons To Ride

For those of you interested in joining an amazing sport, here are seven reasons you should start riding a bike today

The Spanish Standout

Whenever someone asks us about a favorite bike we've tested this year, we always think about the Orbea Wild


Specialized has a new shoe for mountain bikers who ride flat pedals. It’s called the 2FO Roost, and it’s made for maximum grip and comfort. It combines a durable leather and textile upper, cushoned EVA foam mid-sole and a relaxed fit last…

Paul Brodie’s Storied eBee Electric Bike Build

Famed bicycle designer Paul Brodie originally made this e-bike in 2012 for the NAHBS (North American Handbuilt Bike Show). He built it, start to finish, in 90 days. Check out some of the things that have happened since then with the bike.…

Bianchi Launches Entire New Line Of E-bikes

Bianchi just announced their new line of electric bicycles, called E-Omnia. "Omnia" means "everything", meaning there will be bikes for everyone. It's a singular platform for three different types of bikes; commuter bikes, trekking/touring…

Podcast Interview With Steve Christini

Steve Christini is an evil genius. Well, not evil, but he is a genius. His all-wheel drive system for bicycles, motorcycles and now e-bikes is revolutionary. In this episode of the Electric Bike Action Podcast, we talk about how it came…