Met’s New Intercity MIPS Helmet Is Designed For Urban Commuters

Met Helmets introduces a new electric bicycle-rated helmet aimed at urban commuters, with a built-in visor for eye protection against weather, bugs, etc.

met Intercity MIPS electric bicycle commuter helmet with eye protectionIt is NTA 8776 certified. The NTA certification is the world’s first safety standard developed specifically for eBike riders and makes the helmet able to
dissipate significantly more impact energy in case of an impact. The EPS shell has 10% more impact-tested coverage around the two most sensitive brain areas (the back
and the temples) and the impact testing speed is 21% higher compared to the traditional process. The NTA-certification confirms that the MET Intercity dissipates significantly more impact energy compared to a standard helmet. An NTA EPS shell has 10% more impact-tested coverage around the two most sensitive brain areas: the back and the temples.

The helmet features the MIPS-C2® brain protection system, the MET Intercity Mips is able to slide relative to the head in case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion.
MIPS is a rotational management system—engineered to add protection to the standard construction of helmets in case of certain impacts. The MIPS Brain Protection
System (BPS) is attached inside the helmet, between the comfort padding and the EPS. The outer shell is molded polycarbonate plastic. The shield is made of a clear polycarbonate material to protect your eyes from wind, dust and insects which is easily removable for days when you don’t need it. It also has an anti-insect net in the front vents.

It has a built-in safety LED light that attaches magnetically and can be charged via USB-C.


The Intercity Mips is designed to be comfortable and secure on the head thanks to a refined internal shape and the new MET Safe-T Heta fit system which offers an all-around adjustment and an individual fit. Straps are well positioned and customizable due to the adjustable divider engineered ingeniously for ease of use and reliability. The magnetic Fidlock® strap fastening system makes securing the helmet simple, while the padded chin strap ensures a soft touch on the skin. 

It’s available in small (52/56 cm, 420g), medium (56/58 cm, 460g) and large (58/61 cm, 490g) and several colors



Price: $250