Make It More Robust, Please

KMC’s e-Bike Chain

Although e-bike-specific chains have been made for the last year or two, it’s really not enough. Let’s face it, people we wear drivetrains out faster than a regular bike, therefore shouldn’t we have more heavy-duty equipment? It would be nice to see something that is practical and performs a little better under load, especially when it comes to derailleurs and derailleur hangers. For chains, check out KMC’s X11e-Turbo Chain designed specifically for your ebike.

Not all chains are created equally. It’s a fact, the today’s e-machines put more load on our chains, so that is why KMC stepped up to the plate and designed the new KMC X11e-Turbo (E-Bike specific) chain. It’s an 11-speed, 126 linked chain, coated with KMC’s latest breakthrough in rust protection called EcoProteQ. The treatment doubles the rust resistance and can extend the life of your chain. Other benefits are; less noise and greater rolling performance.

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