Letters: In The Fast Lane at 65


I was so excited to see a magazine dedicated to e-bikes that I immediately signed up for a subscription and just recently renewed for another year.

Let me throw out to you a segment of the population your magazine seems to be missing, and that is those of us over the age of 65 who got into e-bikes because it was the only way we could get outdoors and enjoy biking again.

I do applaud your review of the Pedego Boomerang Plus, which is the bike that I use. I purchased it two years ago because I had such severe peripheral neuropathy in my legs that walking was near impossible. I find e-bikes to be my salvation. However, when I read your magazine, it really seems devoted to the people under 40 for mountain bikes, and challenging the alps and long-range-distance combat-ready for action articles, trick gear, off-road fun etc. I may not renew again because a lot is not relevant to me.

Let me give you another example. The Thule EasyFold carrier is a nightmare! Why? Because many of us over the age of 65 are widowed, divorced or single, and we only have ourselves to try to get the e-bike on the Thule rack. To get an bike up there on their wobbly ramp is an accident waiting to happen, but no one shares this info with us. Twice the ramp spun out of the Thule carrier and the bike went down with me with it. We need to know this information. I have written Thule letters about this. A friend of mine came up with a different design and a local welder designed the ramp, and now I am totally independent—free to load and unload my Boomerang Plus without worry. Reviews in your magazine need to address all age groups. 

Thule EasyFold carrier

For those of us of an older age range, a bike on a regular road system is out of the question. I ride with my two sisters, and we do this only exclusively on dedicated bike paths. I am not asking you to change your e-bike magazine format towards seniors, but it would be nice if you could focus on a few things:

1) Recommendations and reviews that work for seniors, especially those with a low step-through, lighter weight, etc.

2) Gear and tips for seniors for getting the best benefits out of their e-bikes (i.e., I never realized how heavy the bike is and how it important it was for me to work on my upper-body strength to hold onto the bike when I stopped). 

3) Articles on the best dedicated e-bike paths that are available across the country, and believe me, I have been on some of them in New England and they are outstanding.

4) And hearing inspiring stories of people over the age of 65 who are enjoying their e-bikes in finding a new life out there instead of being stuck at home looking at four walls

Nancy Parciak

Thank you, Nancy, for being a subscriber and for taking the time to write! It’s so important to get feedback from our readers, and I really appreciate it.

I’m not currently a senior, though. I’m just about to turn 50, but I wrote about senior-focused tech in a previous job. I do think you’re right about doing a few more senior-focused articles in each issue. Low step-through frames are becoming available more. Lighter ones come at a premium cost.

I love your idea about great destinations/paths, and I would like to hear from more people like you to hear how people are enjoying e-bikes and expanding their fun, lives and horizons!

We would love to see photos of your ramp solution. I’m picturing an engineering marvel, as the Boomerang has some unique clearance issues. As an apartment dweller, hefting that thing up and down stairs was a challenge.


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