Letters: Get Off My Path


I thought a bike trail was for bikes? Every day I ride the bike path, and I’m always having to stop because people are walking three abreast or walking their dogs. That’s why they have sidewalks. The bike path is for bikes, not for you to walk your dog and block bike riders.

Steve McGraw

Steve, unfortunately, not everyone is as aware of others, nor do they try their best to be courteous. On shared-use paths, the best bet is to have a good bell to nicely announce your presence. We love to ride the beach bike path, which is sometimes shared and sometimes not, depending on the city where it is located. One part of our local path is heavily marked “bikes only,” yet people walk on it all the time because it’s easier than walking across sand. I have a favorite Spurcycle bell that has a loud, beautiful ring that nicely moves people out of the way. If we set a good example, we can get more people interested in cycling. If they’re on bikes, they’re no longer blocking your path!