Friends at Electric Bike Action magazine, I purchased an electric bike one year ago, and with more than 800 miles on the odometer, it’s become my new passion. 

OHM Electric Bikes Sport 500

The new premium electric bikes are fantastic. It reminds me of my first ride on a Honda minibike as a youngster. The experience resonated with me so strongly, I was immediately hooked. 

About 10 years ago, I recall riding a homebuilt electric bike. The heavy battery and motor were mounted behind the seat. It certainly worked but it was an unbalanced ride. Today, the new e-bikes are an entirely wonderful experience. 

So, I sold my Kawasaki KDX 220 dirt bike and went searching for a new e-bike. This can be an overwhelming endeavor, but I eventually narrowed my search down to two quality products. The OHM electric bike and SURU electric scooter/bike. 

The SURU is going to change the world of transportation, but I selected the more traditional e-bike from OHM.

SURU S19  

I’m cycling to work two or three times per week, and the e-bike makes those uphills fun. The reality is this: I could always ride my normal Specialized bike to work; however, I rarely did. The hills made the ride a chore. However, the e-bike is a game-changer!

Pure cyclists may struggle with the concept of electric assist. That’s fine, but they are really missing out. 

So, I’ll call myself a commuter rather than a cyclist. I always wear gloves and pants with light elbow and knee protection. I also purchased a trials motorcycle helmet that provides additional side and brain-stem protection compared to a traditional bicycle helmet. 

My total daily commute time is shorter on the e-bike because I’m immune to traffic. The city of Halifax has terrific bike lanes across the MacDonald bridge, allowing me to pass afternoon gridlock traffic. I arrive home from work with a refreshed attitude on life. That’s the benefit of a 28-minute bike ride. 

I also notice I interact with more people as well, either waving to fellow commuters or greeting walkers and runners on the multi-use paths. 

 Electric bikes may be the best-kept secret, but I think that will change soon. They are simply too good. Regarding maintenance, I do suggest you support your local cycle shop. As the miles add up, depending on your background, a little professional guidance goes a long way. 

I’ve extended my subscription, and thanks for promoting electric bikes. Ride safe.

Philip Webber

Halifax, Nova Scotia

 Philip, thanks for being a subscriber and for sharing your great story! 



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