Letters: Big Wheel Up Front and Little Wheel In The Back


Intense TazerIntense Tazer

I’ve noticed a trend in your e-MTB reviews, with many coming with staggered wheels (29-inch wheel in front, 27.5-inch in back). Why is this? Is there an advantage to it?

Troy Morgan

Intense Tazer Gathering Air-Time

Troy, although the staggered wheel dimension has been used in cycling since the mid-’80’s, there have been multiple attempts over the years to mimic the idea that’s been used with motorcycles for decades. By coincidence, in this issue, we test the Intense Tazer, which uses that setup with a 29er in the front and a 27.5-plus wheel in the back. The idea has recently begun catching on with some pro downhill mountain bike racers, as it allows for increased rear-wheel traction, as well as quicker cornering and a better angle of attack for the front wheel to make it over obstacles. Not everyone likes it, so they’re free to use the same wheel size, either both 29-inch or both 27.5-plus in most cases.

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