KTM Bike Offers 33 E-Bikes Plus This Secret Fatty

Surf on over to the KTM Bike Industries website (click right here) and you can pick from no less than 33 electric-assisted bicycles.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.09.31 PM

But one bike you won’t see there is the Freeze. The Freeze is expected to be a 2015 model. This spy shot reveals a mid-mounted Bosch power plant, Vee Rubber tires, a RockShox Bluto fork and a aluminum hard tail frame. Sweet.

KTM currently has an American Website, but only 9 dealers are listed for the continental United States. We will do some additional digging to find out if the Freeze will be imported by the motorcycle company or bike division.
image 2
Not the greatest photos, but that is the nature of the spy business. More info to come.