This spring Kranked erides will be ‘officially’ launching the E-squared (E2) drive unit available on select performance Santa Cruz mountain bikes. Kranked uses a carefully engineered mid-drive that makes for a downhill bike that needs no shuttle to get up the hill. The E1 models use a single reduction for the assist motor, but the E2 will offer a double reduction.
Between now and February, Kranked is filming a marketing campaign. For the next 2 months four premium V10 models will be lightly used for a few film shoots and associated promotional activity. They will be kept in pristine condition, but if you order one of these demos now, you save 25% of the $9298.00 MSRP, so you get the bike for $6798.00.
If you have to have one and want it now, Kranked can have it too you by Christmas at a 10% saving over retail. There are only four bikes (one of each size available.
The least expensive of the Kranked bikes is the Santa Cruz Heckler-based model. This photo is the top-of-the-line Santa Cruz V10 model, but this one still has the E1 drive.