Kick-Backed, Electric-Assisted Bliss

The Aerobic Cruiser Hybrid Cycle’s potential is obvious. Put the rider in a comfortable, aerodynamic position and give him or her more than a bit of electrical assist. It looks like a win-win vehicle for a lot of people. Unfortunately, the Aerobic Cruiser is on hold (for right now). Blair Hawkins, GM of Aerobic Cruiser Hybrid Cycles, explains that the company is in the middle of a major restructure and the Gen 1 is on hold. Let’s hope they get it together because this is an impressive first generation bike.

The Cruiser uses a 1,000 watt-hour lithiumion phosphate battery pack that has a claimed range of 75 to 100 miles between charges. The battery fully recharges from a standard wall outlet in only eight hours, at a cost of a mere 13 cents, or less.


The kicked-back rider position is welcomed by riders who suffer back or hand pain from a traditional bike’s upright riding position.