Juiced Bikes Introduces Scorpion

New e-scooter starting at $1299

Juiced Bikes has just announced their newest bike, the Scorpion. They claim it’s “Moped meets e-bike”, it’s a class 3 (28mph) bike that claims a range of 75 miles, using a 750W motor on a 52V system, and can carry up to 275 lbs. All this for as little as $1299.

Juiced Scorpion e-bike electric scooter mobility

It features a moped-style seat, removeable battery, motorcycle-style headlamp, hydraulic lockout front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a sturdy rear rack and more.

There are two variants of this bike. The Scorpion tops out at 28 MPH, comes with a 13 Ah battery that will get you a claimed 45 miles. The Hyperscorpion comes with a 19.2Ah battery, claims a 75 mile range, a 1000W motor and a 30+ mph top speed, which will only be legal on private land in most states.

You can learn more at their website, juicedscorpion.com, which can also get you to their Indiegogo campaign to preorder. See also https://www.juicedbikes.com/products/scorpion.

To say this has already caught on is an understatement. They shot for $50,000 to fund this, it’s already at over $1 million.