Jam Squared SL – Lightweight eMTB

More Super Light Ebikes Hit The Market

Focus bikes, part of the PON group have just announced their new super light ebikes the Jam2 SL. Weighing in as low as 17.9kg (39.46lbs) the Jam2 gives a boost to the light weight ebike segment.


Frame Carbon
Suspension Fox 36
Wheels 29″
Groupset XT
Motor Fazua Ride 60 (60Nm)
Brakes (Shimano or Sram)
Battery 430Wh
Fork Travel 160mm
Rear Travel 150mm
Weight 17.9-20.19 kg claimed
Price €6.199-€11.499

19.2kg (42.3lb) is a full 5.7kg (12.5lb) lighter than the higher-powered alloy bike.



Our Opinion

It’s another confirmation that light weight e-bikes are a thing, to have a major company like Focus produce a range of competitive products. Focus are part of the PON group who also own Santa Cruz and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this style of bike spread across the brand names within the PON group.

Light weight e-ebikes are a different take on emtbs and encourage the user to pedal more for the same range, with a lightweight frame and battery and a lightweight motor. The Fazua motor is a German brand motor made in Germany and it fits in the downtube, connecting to the drive system via a clever bottom bracket design. We have not ridden this system yet as new product is still scarce on the ground but if it is similar to their ride 50 system we expect a smooth gentle push, not a heavy thump of power.

This type of motor is designed for riders who want the light weight non e-bike feel but are prepared to pedal, in this sense we have found this type of motor is ideal for riding alone or with other riders who have a lightweight e-bike, it’s not good if you want to ride with full power e-bike riders unless you are extremely fit.


Focus were the originators of the lightweight e-bike concept in 2017 with their Raven2 xc ebike. It was a stab in the dark but, it worked and now lots of companies are joining the market. Expect the bikes to be available in Europe first and later in the USA, we have noted that the market is still marginally behind in the USA at the moment, but uptake is strong, and this is the type of e-bike that will seem interesting also to those worried about trail access and full powered e-bikes.