Italy’s Stunning Leaos Electric Bike

Italy’s Leaos appears to have got it right with their Leaos Pure and Leaos White electric-assisted bikes. The bikes, made in Italy, use mid-engine motors that power a continuously-variable, automatic-shifting NuVinci hub. The motor is a 250/350 watt, 36 volt, torque 50 Nm, 3 with independent sensors that record crank torque, crank speed and bicycle speed. There are 10 levels of power support.

While the components mix sounds right, it is their use that make the Leaos shine. The weight is position low and centered in the bike, a great trick for hiding weight. Add a step-through frame design and you have a bike that is easy to ride, mount or dismount.

The base price is $6850 and they might be a little tough to find in the States. Fast by Ferracci is the sole importer and dealer listed for the U.S..

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.38.52 AM
The Pure has a carbon fiber wrap that would make a Formula 1 car jealous.
The base price of a well-equipped motorcycle may detract some riders, but that is comparing apples to oranges. You don’t need a license and you can store it at your office or home.
The Mid-Drive Motor is just like having a 100-speed gearbox only better.