First Look: The World’s Wildest Solar Powered Electric Recumbant

Here is a great example of a vehicle as practical as it is beautiful. From the imagination of Ishaan Bharat, he explains the XYN as this…

Kicked back yet ready to roll. It is like the best of both worlds.

“The XYN (pronounced ‘zine’) is an electronic bike that embodies the values of sustainable mobility, ecology and responsible choices. It comes equipped with a photo-voltaic shelter that traps solar energy to recharge the hidden battery pack.

When low on electricity you can switch from using it in the assisted mode to using it as a pedal vehicle. This two-wheeled creation flaunts an exciting new shape. While the bike form inspired by butterfly anatomy is flamboyant it also reflects a unique simplicity, which comes across through the spoke-less wheels and encased chain system.

Being an electric bike it has the capabilities of moving faster than most other bicycles, an attribute enhanced by the streamline shape, while the windscreen protects the rider from rough weather conditions.”