Is It Safe For Students To Ride Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are extremely popular among young people. And no wonder why! This means of transport has a lot of benefits. Let’s consider some of the reasons why you should get one.

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Why riding a motorcycle is cool

It helps you find zen

Watching the situation on the road and monitoring your speed, angle, lane position and body posture requires your full concentration. Focusing on them for some time may feel like a meditation. It can clear your mind of unnecessary stuff and make you more mindful.

Easy and fun way of commuting

Commuting to college can be a real challenge. Going there and back every day is very boring and time-consuming. But with a motorcycle, you can make this experience more fun. You will not only get to your campus sooner but will also enjoy a speedy ride.

It’s better for the environment

Did you know that motorcycles put fewer pollutants into the air than cars? They are more fuel-efficient and emit less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. So by using a motorcycle, you help the environment around you.

It’s more cost-efficient

In general, it’s cheaper to have a motorcycle compared to owning a car. You don’t need to spend so much money on maintenance, repair and insurance. The expenses on all that are quite low, so they will fit into your student budget.

As you see, motorcycles have a lot of benefits over other means of transport. But what to do if your studies don’t leave you enough time to enjoy a ride? Discover a solution below.

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Are motorcycles safe?

Probably, the most important question that worries many people is whether motorcycles are safe or not. There are a lot of articles and messages in mass media about the risks of using this means of transport. But are they really true? Let’s try to find it out.

It may be hard to believe but motorcycles may even be a bit safer than cars and other vehicles. You might be wondering how it’s possible considering that car drivers have the privilege of being shielded in an accident by many layers of metal and steel. What’s more, the four tires in cars provide some extra stability compared to only two wheels in motorcycles. But do those characteristics really ensure more safety? In fact, they don’t. Actually, motorcycles may be able to avoid an accident in more cases than a car. Why? The answer is below.

Vehicle’s maneuverability

When determining the safety characteristics of vehicles, one must consider maneuverability first because this is the most important factor. They think that it can get them injured or killed faster than other vehicles, but this is not really true. While thick layers of metal and those four tires do really protect car drivers and passengers from the impact of an accident, they hinder maneuverability, which is extremely important for any vehicle. It plays a key role in a moment that requires quick decisions, like when two vehicles are headed toward a collision that is very hard to avoid. In this case, great acceleration ability and agility in motorcycles make them much safer than cars.

Driver’s field of vision

Car drivers often fail to see other vehicles in their blind spots, which is a common cause of accidents. Those blind spots also hinder the car driver’s general ability to monitor the traffic. That means they can’t carefully observe the road when head rests or passengers enter the field of vision. What’s more, bad weather also brings additional hindrance to the car driver’s field of vision. In contrast, motorcyclists can easily see everything around. The situation on the road is clear for them as they can simply turn their head to observe the traffic from the opposite side.

Final thoughts

Some people believe that a motorcycle is the least safe choice of transportation. But according to some experts, it’s not really true. Motorcycles have great maneuverability and they ensure a perfect field of vision, which are two things that decrease the likelihood of an accident. So don’t hesitate about getting a motorcycle, buy one and enjoy its benefits!


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