7 Things You Haven’t Heard About SRAM

We have to admit, when we first took delivery of a pair of Electra Townie Go! bikes to test, we didn’t start out with too high of expectations about what kind of performance we’d get out of them. However, it didn’t take long for us to realize that (as is most often the case) our presumptions were wrong, and we came away pleasantly surprised at the power, range and simplicity offered up by the SRAM E-matic hub-drive system.

E-bike historians might recall that SRAM was actually a player in the market back in 2000 with the five-speed Sparc system that they acquired with their purchase of the German drivetrain company, Sachs. Due to the primitive stage of the e-bike market at the time, the Sparc system failed to catch on internally, and eventually the flame for it was blown out.

Of course, as a celebrated bicycle technology company in the drivetrain business, the e-bike market was hardly something that SRAM could forgo. Intrigued as we were with the Electra bikes, we tracked down Rob Cappucci, SRAM’s category manager for electric bike products, to find out more about the SRAM E-Matic powerplants.

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