Dirty Sixer is a company known for making big bikes. As the name implies, the bikes use massive 36-inch wheels. They can fit anyone from 5’8″ (XL) to 7’5″ (5XL). Shaq, all 7’1″, owns a couple of them.

Dirty Sixer just announced that they are now making an electric bike that they’re calling the eDirtySixer. It comes with a Shimano e8000 motor (not sure why they didn’t go for the newer EP8?) to deliver 70Nm of torque and a 500Wh battery. They claim the range is 60 miles on flat ground, but that will vary widely with the weight of the rider and their own pedal input.

eDirtySixer electric 36" e-mountain bike for tall people

There will be two versions. One with an MRP inverted dual-crown suspension fork with 80mm of travel and one with a rigid fork. Both will be outfitted with a Rohloff XXL 14-speed internally geared rear hub and a Gates belt drive.

The bikes are fitted with DirtySixer’s own pedals, grips, rims, cranks and tires, all sized up to fit bigger riders.

Expected price isn’t small, either, at $8000+. It’s still in prototype form here, production units will ship in 2023.