If You Live In America – Do Not Look At These (Trek) e-Bikes

Trek E4Ok, before you read any further, you have to promise us that you don’t live in America. We repeat, the following information and images are only allowed for European eyes. Promise? 

Funny thing how in this day and age of a world without borders when it comes to the Internet that Trek Bicycles would prefer to not let any Americans know about, let alone see anything of their new line of e-bikes that are not going to be sold in America.

How do we know that? Well, since they told us about the bikes back in June, we’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what they would like. Finally, when word broke of their introduction in Europe last week, we asked about getting photos…only to be denied. Nope. Nein. Not going to happen. These bikes are not coming to America and Trek said we could not have access to the photos. When we reminded them that Electric Bike Action is actually available around the globe, they still said no.

Okay, so the bikes are not coming to America. Fine. We can deal with that. But for the sake of just discussing new technology and bike design, we still thought it would be cool to see the bikes.  It was Trek after all. Curiously, we have shown plenty of bikes here that are not coming to America. The difference is that the other bike brands are aware of this thing called the world wide web which is this new-age form of communication whereby people in America can find out about all kinds of things – even if they don’t pertain to them as citizens of the United States. For some reason Trek wants to protect American cyclists from knowing about their new e-bike program. Is that what they do in China?

Anyway, for all you European residents reading this (and any Americans who broke their promise) who might want to know about the bikes, we thought we’d include some photos that we got from Trek’s German web site (it’s part of that www thing).

And since we can’t speak German, the amount of info we have here is scant. Trek is introducing a line of pedal assist hardtail and full-suspension e-bikes for 2015. As far as we can tell, all the bikes are built on aluminum frames and are powered by 250w Bosch motors and host some cool Trek derived design details. There’s lots of Rock Shox suspension to be found thru-out both the 3 bike Powerfly hardtail and 3 bike Powerfly FS+ full-suspension lines. It looks like the 27.5 wheel size is also found thru-out.

Now, that we’ve shared this with our European readers, we hope you will follow Trek’s lead and DO NOT share any of the info with anyone you might know in America. Maybe American cyclists can’t be trusted with the information, we don’t know, but we do know that they are they supposed to know that these bikes exist under any circumstances! Thank you for understanding – it makes no sense to us either!

For more info (depending where you live – and this is a warning to all the Americans who should not be reading this – do not attempt to flout Trek’s effort to keep you in the dark by clicking through to one of their Euro sites to find out more – like we did!)


Trek E1

Trek E3


Trek E2