I-Max S1+
The I-Max S1+ electric kick scooter has specs that make it sound like a real monster! It is claimed to be one of the most comfortable electric kick scooters featuring large 10” inflated tires in the front and rear to absorb shock. The $ 1,299.00–$ 1,338.00 S1+ is a 48V/10Ah system with a 500w motor providing much more torque and distance. This model can reach speeds of 20 MPH + and can handle more hilly terrains and heavier loads.
Long and wide deck provides increased standing room and the sturdy fixed rear fender lets you rest your foot on top for balance. A large 48V 10Ah battery capacity offers increased range but does weigh a bit more. Five power levels let you conserve power or hit the 20 mph+ top speed. Choose a board from 3 color options – Green, Blue and natural wood!