Hypertek’s Sport Bike

Hypertek’s Sport Bike

No matter what angle the Hypertek is seen from, the exotic e-moto exudes a sense of futuristic style like few others. The turbine-shaped housing that juts out in front of the rear tire is the sound generator that emits the amplified “roar” of the motor.


Mention the name Pierre Terblanche in any circle of moto tifosi, and you will get an instant reaction of respect and appreciation. As the former Director of Design for Ducati, Terblanche was responsible for designing some of the famed Italian marque’s most distinctive models. However, in the years since his departure from the Bologna-based Ducati factory, the South African designer has largely been out of the spotlight.

Given the crush of the crowds and packed aisles inside the halls of EICMA, sometimes even the most wildly designed bike has difficulty attracting the attention of the masses. And, of course, doubly hard for any e-moto maker is the silent nature of most e-bikes, which can make gaining the needed spotlight even more difficult. That was one challenge that Terblanche capably handled.

Not commonly found on an e-moto is a clutch lever, which engages the non-slipper/regen clutch that allows the engine to rev. The distinctive motor also features both wheelie and traction control.


Terblanche traveled from South Africa with his latest concept sport bike with a simple strategy: show up with a bike that boasted true head-turning appearance with a built-in sound generator that when “fired up” emitted a high-pitched motor roar that echoed through the aisles—talk about attracting an audience!

Built-in partnership with carbon wheel maker BST, the bike’s massive monocoque carbon fiber backbone frame is the basis for which the Hypertek was indeed a sight (and sound) to behold. 


In addition to the carbon fiber frame, the Hypertek fork relies on carbon fiber for the integrated triple crown/downtube. Rear suspension duties are handled by a shock that’s integrated into the swingarm.


Motor: DHX Hawk water-cooled PMS 

Power: 80kw

Torque: 120 N/m

Distance: 300km

Weight: 205 kg

Wheelbase: 1480mm

Travel: 130mm front/140mm rear

Brakes: Ceramic-infused aluminum rotors

Wheels: 17” BST carbon fiber



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