How to Choose the Right Pedals

This month, we look to answer all your questions regarding pedals. Should you be riding flats? How about clip-ins? If clips, which brand should you go with? With so many options, purchasing a pair of pedals can be confusing, and if you’re new to riding, you’ll likely need to make your decision quickly. If you’ve been feeling the pedal blues, then there’s no need to fret, because we have you covered with all the pedal knowledge you’ll need. Follow these tips and you’ll be thinking less about the pedals you’re riding and more about riding the pedals you have.


There are two main categories of pedals, referred to as clips and flats. Clip pedals, sometimes referred to as clipless pedals, are pedals that attach to a cleat on the bottom of a rider’s shoe. These pedals provide a locked-in feel and are often the choice of cross-country racers, trail riders and even some downhill racers. Flat pedals, on the other hand, are just what you would expect. They are flat and use carefully placed traction pins to keep your shoes in place instead of a locking mechanism.


Regardless of the style of pedals you choose, it’s important to purchase a pedal with quality construction, especially if you plan to keep the pedals long-term, which we hope you do. It’s usually best to avoid pedals made with any plastic parts, as these pedals will likely fall apart sooner than ones made from aluminum or steel.

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