How An Electric Skateboard Could Benefit You

An EV that's fun and won't break the bank

How can an electric skateboard benefit you?

We have seen the dark sides of exploiting the environment in the forms of – Global Warming and the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It’s time that we paid heed to what environmental activists like Greta Thunberg are raising awareness about. It is time that we saved our planet.

Thinking on this line, people are increasingly adopting products that do not harm the environment. One such product that more and more people are resorting to today is electric skateboards. 

boosted electric skateboard with controller

What are electric skateboards?

An electric skateboard looks like a regular skateboard with lithium batteries, and they are changeable. An electric scooter is made up of Carbon Fiber which makes the scooter lightweight and at the same time indestructible. One with a more natural look is the bamboo electric scooter. The skateboard contains a carbon grip tape that helps in case of friction. 

Benefits of having an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are eco–friendly. The generation of excessive smoke from the cars we drive cause air pollution. Electric skateboards do not burn fossil fuels and thus, do not emit carbon dioxide. Hence it contributes to the restoration of the planet. 

Riding an electric skateboard has its health benefits. After sitting in front of the desktop all day, pushing the skateboard now and then will help you restore your body balance. In addition, since you will need to concentrate while driving, electric skateboards positively affect the nervous system.

It helps to reduce stress. Using an electric skateboard, you can navigate through your way in the traffic a lot faster than if you would if you were to travel by car.

One can ride an electric skateboard with minimum effort. You are not required to push the vehicle constantly. All you have to do is leave it to charge for 4-8 hours, and you are good to go again. Once charged, you will not need to recharge it for a day or two. Hence, Electric skateboards are energy-efficient vehicles and save you a lot of your money as you do not have to spend on gas and repairing it. 

You can be in total control of your speed because of the ESC that is installed in your e-board.

Electric skateboards are versatile and can withstand all kinds of routes.

They are portable.

If you plan to go to the sea beach or hills in the holidays and wish to try skating in the sea or ice, your electric skateboard is a good means to start practicing with. 

Those who travel via cars waste a lot of time finding a safe parking space. With your electric skateboard, you will not have to worry about finding a parking garage. Plus, it is a convenient travel option where you can travel on your schedule and do not necessarily need to go to the stops and wait like in other public commute options.

Your electric skateboard gives you comfort and allows you to navigate your route the way you like. Electric skateboards are easy to learn and ride. If you are a beginner, use the learner mode to ensure minimal power and slower acceleration, which will help you gain confidence and learn how to control the system. 


Let your friends and family know about this new travel option. It is an eco-friendly and safe one, and you can have a conversation with people on your way to your office without worry.