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Specialized has been making mountain bikes for four decades, and they've been in the e-mountain bike game for 6 years. They are now announcing the 3rd generation of the bike that started it all, the Turbo Levo. The original Levo used an…

What To Do With Used E-bike Batteries

As more of the world gets going with electric bicycles, electric cars, and other EVs, the question often comes up about what will happen to the lithium-ion batteries when they no longer hold enough charge to be useful in that particular…

Is This The Grippiest Flat Shoe Yet?

Specialized announced their new Rime Flat mountain bike shoe today. Us being us, Specialized sent us a pair to try out. After riding Vans for decades for flat pedals, we found a better grip and overall performance from another brand.…

FIRST RIDE: Serial 1 e-Bikes From Harley-Davidson

We had the chance to go for a ride with Serial 1 Brand Director Aaron Frank. The new Mosh/CTY and Rush/CTY bikes are well-priced, quiet, and really smooth to ride. The Rush bikes have the Enviolo Automatiq CVT, and all bikes have Brose…

The E-Bike World Tour Is Just Around The Corner

Between escaping into the mountains, spending time with friends and family, and achieving competitive goals, everyone enjoyed themselves on the first two Verbier E-Bike Festivals’ diverse itineraries.


Hans Rey goes live today with a new series of tips and tricks on better riding skills. You can find it on his YouTube Channel and see the first clip here. It covers both mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes. Not only can you learn…

There May Be A Standard Swappable Battery Coming

Battery technology is changing at a rapid pace. Newer, higher capacity batteries are always being developed. Almost every major company has its own battery. On electric bicycles, this is not that big a concern, as riders can usually carry…

Making The Switch

I hear lots of discussion and debates usually having to do with a newfound love of e-bikes

Fully ⚡️ Charged

Just because a charger’s connector fits into a bike, that doesn’t mean it is safe to use as a charger for that bike