Thwarting thieves with angle grinders using graphene

Hiplok just announced their new D1000 u-lock, one designed to thwart thieves in many ways, including a specially developed coating called Ferosafe, which is partly made of graphene and designed to actually wear down an angle grinder blade instead of letting it cut through. You can see an example in the video below.

Hiplok claims that a standard U-Lock can be cut in 20 seconds using an angle grinder, and theirs took over 10 minutes. That would certainly stop a would-be thief with all that racket.

Hiplok Ferosafe graphene u-lock anti-theft theftproof

It’s also lighter in weight. If you’ve ever carried a good lock on your bike, they’re made with pretty heavy, solid steel components to make them harder to break.

  • Anti Angle-Grinder Lock
  • Diamond Sold Secure rating for Bicycle and Motorcycle.
  • Optimized Sizing for the ideal combination of portability, locking convenience, weight and security.

Ferosafe Graphene Composite resists cutting from motorized attack methods such as angle grinders. Hardwearing Rubberized Outer Surface prevents frame scratch

  • Square Profile Premium Hardened Steel Core protects against traditional attack methods such as bolt croppers.
  • Anti Rotation, Double Locking Tabs which means a thief would need to cut through both sides of the lock to steal your bike.
  • 3 x High-Quality Coded Keys with Registration & Replacement Program
  • Rubberized Weather-Proof Key Seal protects against elements. The scalloped design ensures easy access when wearing gloves.
  • Integrated shackle and body design ensure smooth locking action and rattle-free riding.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight1.8 KG (4 lbs)
  • Internal Locking Dimensions(I)H 155mm x (I)W 92mm
  • Overall Dimensions: H 225mm x W 155mm x D 40mm

It’s really smart, and it will be available in early 2022. They’re launching it on Kickstarter today, and you can get one of the early bird discounts for 40% off of the future price of $345.