All Kids Bike is trying to win a 25,000 grand to fund 6 schools in the New York City area. It’s a contest put on by State Farm.


The catch is: this grant is voter-based, and we need your help spreading the word. To be legit and prevent voter fraud, you have to register you email and make a password (only takes 45 seconds). Leaderboard is here and refreshes every 10 minutes:

Now is the time to get creative and break the internet. Attached below is an assortment of flyers you can use on FB and IG to spread the word. THE TRICK IS TO GET PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING..NOT LIKE…Follow the link and Vote.

Please share the voting link in you bio on IG and tell people to go there to get the correct link. It’s easy, and who doesn’t want to see more people on bikes?