Harley-Davidson’s Deep Dive

Harley-Davidson, the motorcycle brand that’s as American as apple pie, is now investing heavily in electric bikes. Their initial prototypes were called the Livewire (EBA, June 2018) and put out in front of the media and the public a few years ago to gauge response. Apparently, H-D thinks it will be worth the gamble on the future.

This isn’t the same classic Harley-Davidson made famous in popular culture through the years. Like everyone else, Harley, too, has realized that they need to pursue a broader market that’s teeming with a younger generation of younger enthusiasts. Traditional Harleyophiles love the patented sound, the classic lines and the power, but they’ve seen dwindling numbers as older riders age out and fewer younger riders get into motorcycling.

One of the appeals of electric motorcycles to newer riders is the lack of a clutch, simplifying operation of the bike. Of course, the instant torque is another feature that draws in even experienced riders.

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