Hanebrink Hustler X5 Scary Fast Standing Still (Not An April Fool’s Joke)

The Hanebrink Hustler X5 electric street bike is powered by four Li-ion AllCell Batteries that provide power to a motor that propels this ride upwards of eighty miles per hour.

Hane 2

Reaching a claimed eighty miles an hour is a game changer for electric bikes, a typical brake setup couldn’t work, not if you’re being aggressive through a mountain road.  Confidence is gained when you understand the stopping power the Brembo quad pistons bring to your fingertips. Come into those turns hot, shed the speed quickly and exit as hot as you came in.

The Hustler is no nonsense flow of power adrenaline and speed for those of us who prefer an environmentally responsible ride or an adrenaline delivery method different than anything else around.

Hane 1 AM


Color:  Black and White Standard, Custom Colors Available
Weight:  120lbs
Battery Pack:  4 Li-ion, N.M.C AllCell Batteries.  82 volt, 20amp Hour pack
Range: 200+ miles
Motor:  Crystalyte 5303 Mid Motor
Gearing:  14 speed transmission
Tires:  Tubeless 20″ x 8″ (50cm x 20cm)
Wheels:  120/80×14 front, 20x8x8 rear
Wheelbase:  133 cm – 52.5 inches
Frame:  6061- T6 Aircraft Seamless Aluminum Tubing. 4.5 lbs in weight.
Fork:  Inverted coil hydraulic, with adjustable compression and rebound damping.  8″ travel.
Brakes:  Brembo four piston hydraulic disc, front.  Avid hydraulic disc.
Additional Notes: 80+ mph (when in competition mode).  Controller-LYEN , programmable to 100+AMP.  Cycle analyst full instrument package. Aerodynamic design.  Race spec. Moto GP front tire.  Adjustable geometry fork crowns. Controllers and packs are custom made to suit the individual customer.  Prices very due to customizable options.