Hammacher Schlemmer Offers Foldable E-Bike

This is the electric bicycle that folds in half, ideal for commutes and storage at work or an apartment. Folding around its integrated battery compartment, its front half collapses against its rear half while its front unifork folds into the frame, creating a compact 30″ H x 18″ W x 12″ D shape. Deployed for riding, its silent 250-watt electric motor assists up hills or powers across broad flats for smooth cruising on 20″ tires up to 15 mph in full-power mode. When in assist mode, sensors in the pedals detect how hard you are pedaling, which prompts the motor to engage; three-speed control is located at the handlebars; the bicycle can also be pedaled without powered assistance. Its LCD panel displays remaining battery life, speed selection, current speed, and distance traveled. A removable 24-volt rechargeable lithium battery provides a 15-mile range on a six-hour charge using the included AC adapter. Front discs and a rear hub provide confident braking. Aircraft aluminum frame supports riders up to 250 lbs. 58 1/4″ L x 20″ W x 47 1/4″ H. (54 lbs.)

Don’t lose the instruction sheet for how to fold the bike.
Ready to roll. The thing that looks like a thermos is your battery pack. Only $2000 from Hammacher Schlemmer.