Haibike’s New Flyon Motor Available In U.S. In 2020

Haibike advises of delays in shipping Flyon motor

Haibike announced the new Flyon motor, which will be available on their higher level bikes, earlier this year. There have been some delays, and they now say that the motors will be available on bikes in the German market in May or June of next year. That’s the E.U.-specific drive, their “pedelec” version that cuts off at 25 km/h (15.5 mph). It will not meet U.S. or Canadian compliance requirements.

Haibike Flyon Motor by TQ e-bike e-mtb newest electric bike motor

The North American version will be available in early 2020, after it passes American and Canadian UL requirements and it’s been changed to a 20 mph cutoff.

Haibike USA is taking pre-orders of the following models, which are subject to change without notice. Anyone wanting to place a pre-order to ensure they have a chance to purchase a bike when they do arrive should contact their local Haibike retailer.












Haibike FlyonAll Mtn 10.0

The Flyon is based on the TQ motor, developed with Haibike’s custom tuning to make it a super-powerful mid-drive with a class-smashing 120Nm of torque, compared to the 80-90Nm of most offerings from Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano. It will come as a premium, costing nearly $2000 more than a comparably Bosch-powered model Haibike with a PowerTube battery, but will offer additional features like integrated lighting, connectivity to heart rate monitors, and more carbon construction.

Haibike Flyon Carbon Frame  with tail lights

There are tail lights built into the seat stays, and a choice of 150, 300, or 5,000 lumen Skybeamer headlight for night rides.

Flyon Skybeamer super-bright brightest integrated headlight for e-mountain biking


We can’t wait to get our hands on one to see what it’s like!