Grace MX II: America’s E-Bike Solution?

Americans love their SUVs and 4×4 pick-up trucks. Even if they are only using them to drop the kids off at baseball practice or for commuting to their office jobs. The sight of a skinny-tired, aluminum-fendered, step-thru commuter bike draws a collective yawn from the majority of people thinking about an electric-assisted bike. This fact is not lost on Germany’s Grace Company, who offers the very rugged-looking Grace MX II. The MX II captures the durable looks of an SUV but delivers all the benefits of an electrically assisted road bicycle.

The MX II defiantly has the looks of a mountain bike but stops short of adding complicated suspension and knobby tires.
The tires will roll smoother than a knobby saving the owner in tire costs while improving control.
Ditching the chain in favor of a Gates Carbon belt drive system is a smart upgrade for an electric bike. The MX II is the work of a Californian designer. Sure looks like it.