Got A Spare $34,000? The M55 Terminus

Germany’s M55 Bike’s $34,000 Terminus uses a custom-made double crown White Brothers fork from Mountain Racing Products. Hope Tech supplies the V2 EVO hydraulic disc brakes with floating rotors. With unmatched power and superior cooling, the V2 is the king of brakes. A 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub is used for the drivetrain.

You might not want to park your Terminus this close to your Ferrari.

Other Features:

Frame: AL 7075 (aluminum) CNC machined / by M55 BIKE

Motor: Brushless (BLDC) from 250W to 2000W / by M55 BIKE

Drive system: Throttle & RPM sensor / by M55 BIKE

Battery: 1320 Wh, 37,2 Ah, 43,2V / Pa/ built by M55 BIKE

Axles: TI Grade 5 (titanium) / by M55 BIKE

Axle’s screws: TI Grade 5 (titanium) / by M55 BIKE

Rear Fork: AL 7075 (aluminum) CNC machined / by M55 BIKE

Fork: Groove 6.3 inch travel / by White Brothers

Shock: MXR Float / by Fox

Internal Gearhub: 500/14 Speedhub / by Rohlhoff

Front hub: Hope Pro2 EVO / by Hope

Tires: Crazy Bob / Big Apple / by Schwalbe

Rims: Mavic EN521

Saddle: Fizik Gobi

Brakes: Hope Tech EVO V2

Handlebar: KCNC SC Bone / or Titanium by M55 BIKE

Pedal: Point Podium

Grip: ESI

Headlight: Supernova M33 LED

Rear light: Supernova Airstream LED

Mudguards: Carbon fiber / by M55 BIKE

Battery container: Carbon fiber / by M55 BIKE

Charge and data connectors: Lemo / designed for M55 BIKE

Chainrings: Gebhardt / designed for M55 BIKE

Other Parts: KCNC (seatpost, bar end plug, clamp, headset)

10273880_258497121004360_5709956490193279542_n copy
If $34,000 feels like cheeping out to you, the custom paint option is the way to go.