GoCycle GX & Aventon Sinch Voted Best Folding Bikes

Electric Bike Action’s Best Folding Bikes

GoCycle GX & Aventon Sinch  

GoCycle GX

Of all the folding bikes we rode, this was the bike that rated head and shoulders above the rest. Sure, at $3299 it’s by far the most expensive folding bike of any we rode, but that’s for good reason. The ride quality is second to none and could easily go up against any of the non-folding commuter bikes we’ve ridden. It’s also truly outstanding in terms of build quality, but you expect that in something designed by an engineer who worked on McLaren’s Formula 1 team.

The GoCycle is powered by a 500-watt front-hub motor and a sealed pedal-driven rear drivetrain to keep you and your carpet clean. The 300-Wh battery is a bit anemic, but as a commuter or a folding bike to take on last-mile trips or excursions from your motorhome or boat, it has plenty of range. It costs $3299.


Aventon Sinch

The Sinch is kind of bulky for a folding bike, but those fat tires and that beefy frame make it look cool and ride well on any surface. The first day we tested it, we rode it on both paved and rocky terrain, and it was always equally comfortable off-road as on. It has a powerful 500-watt rear-hub motor and a 672-Wh battery, and it exhausted us before we exhausted the battery. Best of all, costing only $1499, you can’t beat the fun-to-price ratio on this bike. It is definitely a staff favorite.



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