Gas Gas Launches 11 Ebike Models For 2023

They have you covered...

GASGAS Bicycles, part of the Pierer group, for 2023 has launched an 11-bike pedal-assist mountain bike range in North America, featuring Enduro, Trail, Light Trail, and Cross Country models.

The G Light Trail category is at the pinnacle of their lineup with two lightweight trail models featuring an ultra-light carbon frame, which offers a balance between pedal-assisted and human-powered fun.

The Enduro models are designed for hardcore eMTB riders, with state-of-the-art mounted motors and internal batteries to tackle steep climbs and long-travel suspension for rough trails.

The Trail models are designed for big, open mountain adventures and come in three configurations, with varying travel and frame options.

Interestingly the bikes are running Yamaha motors which bolsters the quality component choices and makes these bikes a solid option in a rapidly growing market.

Overall, GASGAS Bicycles aims to introduce a new dimension of off-road fun to riders through their energetic and vibrant brand approach, and powerful e-bicycles designed to thrill and excite.

Customers can already see the first GASGAS Bicycles products in authorized dealers in the U.S. today, and in Canada this February/March, with continued delivery of new products arriving throughout 2023.

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