Fully Charged

By Tony Donaldson [email protected]

In case you haven’t heard, the electric scooter has arrived and I happen to live at ground zero for their popularity in Southern California. The GPS-enabled Bird e-scooter brand was born in Santa Monica when company founder Travis VanderZanden moved his family here specifically to start the company. I was immediately a fan, as they were so easy to use and easy to locate.

But many Santa Monicans didn’t agree. In their own, sometimes passive-aggressive opinion, they complained that the scooters were simply a nuisance. The local neighborhood app Nextdoor has been lit up with nonstop, polarizing posts about the scooters, with big fans cheering their arrival and the other half who want them all to go away. There’s more chatter about scooters than anything else, dwarfing the usual discussions on things like homelessness and crime. The discussions are sometimes downright nasty, with vitriol flying via the relative anonymity and safety of keyboard courage.

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