Fully Charged

Sitting down to talk to him before lunch, I found myself amazed that I was hearing his voice in person. Despite his tremendous fame and celebrity, he’s a very warm, welcoming and affable man. He’s definitely the life of the party wherever he goes, but not in an obnoxious way. He’s very passionate about a few things in his life. He’s a famous horseman, receiving the National Reining Horse Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award last year. 

As we ate lunch, he waxed poetic about his horses, but also about his love of e-bikes. He lives in North Hollywood and walked into a bike shop there and tried an e-bike and immediately fell in love. It occurred to him that he could get his entire family onto electric bikes, and they could all ride together. The adults, the kids and the grandkids, all with separate energy levels, could spend time together on bikes. He says it has brought a tightly knit family together even more. 

They ride together every weekend, and that speaks volumes about what e-bikes can do for families. Sarah Bott, an e-bike tour guide in Portland, told me how many couples have had their relationships improved because they got e-bikes and started riding together. It truly doesn’t matter if there are differences in age, strength, ability or anything else, electric bikes are the great equalizer. 

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