Fuell's electric bicycles and motorcycle officially launch today.

Fuell’s new electric bikes, the Flow and the Fluid, officially launch today.

The Fluid is their electric bicycle, available as the Fluid 1 (Class 1, 20 mph assist) or 1S (Class 3, 28mph) via website Indiegogo. The bikes start at $2299 with the 30% discount for the Indiegogo campaign.

Fuell Fluid Electric Bicycle

Those looking for a motorcycle might like FUELL’s Flow e-motorcycle, now available for pre-order.

Two versions are available: 11Kw (regulated as 125cc) and 35kW. The former starts at $10,995 and may be eligible for lower licensing requirements, the latter at $11,995.

FUELL Flow electric motorcycle Indiegogo preorder e-bikeFlow combines advanced technology, autonomy and safety, and is designed to change the game: amazing range (150+ miles in urban environment), power (2.7 sec 0 to 100kph), practicality (integrated 50 liter secured storage), technology (proprietary wheel-motor, connected dashboard, safety tech) and unparalleled driving pleasure.

You can choose from a range of colors and financing options. There’s a discount on preorders, and the preorder is a deposit of $500, which is refundable until the bike goes into production.