From Italy With Electric Love

The Energica brand was the brainchild of the CRP Group, a name you might not be familiar with, unless you’re a Formula 1 racing team,  or a top Italian Supercar company. CRP has been supplying the world’s most high performance automotive builders with engineering, rapid prototyping and advanced materials to build the worlds fastest and most technically-advanced cars for over 40 years.

slide-energica-ego-1It all started in post war Italy when Roberto Cevolini’s  father, an inventor, started building the world’s first home espresso machine. But he also made his mark  helping to rebuild his homeland. War torn Italy could not be rebuilt because there was a shortage of materials, most notably – bricks. Cevolini invented a machine that could re-constitute old bricks from bombed-out buildings, by refurbishing them into a new size and shape to be re-used and thus rebuild the cities once again.

Roberto Cevolini, learned well from his father, and, in 1970, started Roberto Cevolini & C. snc. The company’s main activity was the production of bleeding edge components for Formula 1.

In 1996, with the apple not falling far from the tree, Franco Cevolini, the son of Roberto, with his degree in Materials Engineering, formed CRP Technology as an R&D division of Roberto Cevolini & Co. The company developed proprietary knowledge in Investment Casting and then began to develop the 3D printing process, inventing the material, “Windform“, which revolutionized the 3D printing world.

In 2003, Roberto Cevolini srl merged with CRP Technology to form one of the greatest companies in high end automotive engineering.

Racing operations came under their own banner as demand and business kept growing, leading to the formation of CRP Racing in 2006.

Then, when European speed wasn’t enough, 2008 saw the formation of CRP USA which dove headfirst into the world of Stock Car racing, and right in the heart of it – Charlotte North Carolina.

Today, the company has grown to three groups – CRP Meccanica, CRP Technology, and CRP Service. All three units work together as a team to collaborate with CRP Racing and CRP USA, to form one of the world’s leading edge high performance automotive companies. And through this synergy, the idea for the next big thing in high technology and speed was born – Energica. The world’s first Italian racing bred electric superbike.

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