France May Offer Citizens $3000 Car Trade-in For E-bikes

France is looking to subsidize e-bike purchases by up to €2,500 ($2950) per rider, with one caveat; The rider must turn in a gas-powered car. This is part of France’s drive to lower emissions to 40% of what they were in 1990 by 2030. It hasn’t been passed into law yet, but the prospects look pretty good.

Finland offered €1000 toward e-bikes and other incentives toward alternatives to gas-powered, low-occupancy vehicles, and they’ve had thousands of takers. Martti Tulenheimo, chief specialist at the Finnish Cyclists‘ Federation points out, Finland has a similar rebate which citizens have used to fund more than 2,000 ebikes, 1,000 new low emission cars, and 100 public transport tickets.

Lithuania’s Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA) offered residents €1,000 ($1,200) if they traded in their old cars. The money could then be used against anything from escooters, to e-bikes, to public transport tickets.

The scheme was considered a success with more than 8,500 people applying for the grant.

Perhaps the people of the United States should be writing to their legislators regarding this type of incentive.