Forestal Announces New Siryon Electric Mountain Bike

Another lightweight e-mountan bike launches

Forestal today announces their Siryon, a long-travel (170mm) electric mountain bike, features a motor developed in collaboration with Bafang. It’s designed to be one of the lightest electric mountain bikes on the market. It weighs in at a scant 17.4 kg (38.8 lbs)!

Their Alpha Box frame weighs in at 2.4 kg and is made of a carbon cocktail of three different carbon fiber weaves for rigidity.

Forestal Siryon e-mtb electric mountain bike new suspension 170mm enduroThe motor doesn’t look to be an off-the-shelf Bafang motor, but a proprietary one exclusive to Forestal, with their logo emblazoned on the mid-drive outer cover, with fins that may help with heat dissipation.

Forestal Siryon e-mtb electric mountain bike new suspension 170mm enduro

The motor, called the Eon Drive, features a case made of titanium and magnesium. It offers 250W (nominal) with 60Nm of torque. It has a 170mm Q-factor and IP67 rating for protection against the elements. The whole motor weighs in at 1.95 kg. It supposedly offers no noise and no drag, which we hope to test.

The Aurora battery is 350Wh, integrated in the frame, and non-removable. They’ve built in rapid-charge technology that allows the bike to reach 80% of charge in 1h 24 minutes. There’s an optional range-extender battery.


The display is larger than usual for an e-mtb, at 3.2″ diagonal. It’s fully network connected to offer enough data to make a nerd jump for joy! It also connects to a dedicated app on your phone.

There are plenty of options for telemetry for training, maps, Strava, bike and battery condition, and even anti-theft capabilities.


Front suspension is from DVO, matched with forgiving front geometry with a long reach and 64-degree head angle. Forestal’s innovative rear suspension is called Twin Levity and features a coil-over shock. They’ve tuned the kinematics to make it lightweight, smooth, supple, fast and active.

Forestal Siryon e-mtb electric mountain bike new suspension 170mm enduro twin levity


They’ve limited it to 1000 units, and you can select your frame number and get a one-year tire supply. It’s available as of today, March 23, and can be purchased through direct sale only. The top-of-the-line version will be priced at €7999, with resales getting a €500 discount.