Fizik Launches a New e-Bike-Specific Trail Shoe

The Terra Ergolace X2 e-Bike

Fizik has launched an e-MTB-specific shoe, the Terra Ergolace X2. It features a lightweight design, advanced materials like hardwearing, ripstop uppers, PU-laminated toecaps and rugged side reinforcements. Combined with the secure Ergolace closure system, these shoes deliver good  protection and an easy, anatomical fit.

The outsole is designed for quick dismounts on flat pedals when powering up technical ascents. A widened profile minimizes foot roll for maximum pedal contact with directional Vibram® tread for confident footing when maneuvering the added weight of an e-Bike on foot.
The shoes are meant for the demands of e-biking, especially on the longer trails. We’re excited to check them out, but in the mean time, you can likely get your grubby mitts on them wherever you buy Fizik gear or via their website.

They’re available in grey/fluorescent or black/black.

Price: $129.99