First Ride: Hi-Power Cycles Titan

Hi-Power Cycles Titan

Our new test bike, the Hi-Power Cycles Titan is just so satisfying to watch. Look for the full bike test in the upcoming issues of Electric Bike Action Magazine.

2020 Titan

Bike information provided by Hi-Power Cycles

The Titan signifies our first completely designed, engineered, and built fat bike completely done in the USA. Featuring a highly intelligent torque sensor built into the motor, it monitors your input over a thousand times per second to multiply your power to the rear wheel.

There is not a more seamless experience and you will feel like you have superhuman capabilities! With up to 2000W of power, a throttle option, excellent geometry and top notch components, this bike defines quality and value.

Sand? Snow? The Titan is Ready to Go In Any Terrain


This do it all e-bike is equally suited for hunters who want to venture way back into the wilderness and get as much range as possible or for the professional who requires a silent, powerful daily commuter that will climb any hill they may encounter along the way to work. Want to take a weekend beach ride? The 4.5″ tires will provide flotation to glide over the sand, through mud, and over loose dirt!

Snow keeping you inside? Let the Titan power through the snow confidently and get you where you want to be! This bike can adapt to suit your needs and thrive in nearly any environment. Since you can shift through the wide range transmission, your top speed can vary from 11 mph with huge torque for hill climbing to 36 mph (2000W version) on the straightaways- all with one motor. The confidence inspiring extra wide tires will bring your ride to a whole new level, on whatever terrain and in any nearly any condition!

The Titan isn’t afraid of a little water 😀


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