First Look: Tern’s GSD Cargo Bike

Tern’s Updated GSD Cargo Bike


Tern Bicycles just announced three new versions of their GSD compact cargo bike. We reviewed an earlier version and came away impressed with the bike’s unique design innovations.

The new bikes feature a similar low step-through frame, but they’ve now made it stiffer and sturdier, and able to carry heavier payloads (max gross vehicle weight is 440 pounds) with the help of a new Gen 4 Bosch Cargo Line Class 1 motor with 85 N/m of torque to get you going easier.

There’s also room in the frame for up to two Bosch 400-Wh or 500-Wh batteries so you can carry even more of a load. The geometry has changed a bit, with a slacker seat tube angle and higher handlebars, allowing it to be ridden comfortably by riders from 4-foot-11 to 6-foot-5. It has a suspension fork and suspension seatpost to help take the bumps out.

The GSD SOO and R14 models use a Gates carbon belt drive, and the R14 comes with a Rohloff Speedhub that offers 14 internal gears and auto downshift. All models come equipped with their patented Atlas Lockstand center stand. It has an auto-lock feature, and there’s a remote unlock lever on the handlebars. The rack storage feature is unique to the GSD.

The integrated lighting includes an Ignis headlight, which puts out a wide 700-lux beam that can be set on high or low beam, and a Tern RearStop brake light, which stays on even when the bike lights are on or off.


With a cargo bike, you have to customize it to your needs, and they have plenty of accessories available—from bags to rails to kid and adult seats, and there’s a “Captain’s Chair” for a more laid-back ride. Cargo Hold 52 panniers hold 104 liters of gear or groceries, which is significantly more space than most camping backpacks, if you’re thinking about taking a bike camping. There’s even a trailer attachment. Prices start from $4599.

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