First Look: Lightweight’s Radical Velocite E-bike

B2: E-Bike "Velocité" des Herstellers CarboFibretecFamous for their race winning carbon fiber wheels, the German Lightweight brand turned heads at the Eurobike show when next to their line of racing wheels sat their Velocite concept bike….easily one of the more innovative pedelec bikes seen at the show.

The one-off, carbon fiber  city bike uses a proprietary “magnetic transversal flow engine” that gets its 500 watts of power from 180 magnets mounted on the sidewall of the rear wheel that work in conjunction with a number of electromagnets mounted inside the frame tube that fairs the wheel. The battery remained unnamed, but Lightweight says the bike is functional and produces 7.8Ah for a range of up to fifty miles and top speed of 28 mph.

The integrated stem and handlebar was another nice design detail.