First Look: Co-Motion Belt Drive Commuter

Co-Motion is a top custom bike brand based in Eugene, Oregon, that makes many innovative bicycles featuring Gates Carbon Drive. Co-Motion is also one of the companies creating belt drive electric bikes for the Gates Custom eBike Showcase at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show being held in Charlotte, NC (March 14-16)Co-Motion-CityView-eMatic-drive. The bike features the SRAM eMatic system on  Co-Motion’s CityView commuter and light touring rig. “We had some dealers visiting yesterday and they all had a lot of fun ripping around the shop on it,” says Brian Cannon of Co-Motion. The bike features Reynolds 725 custom-butted tubes, front and rear rack and fender mounts, three water bottle bosses and disc brakes, plus an eccentric bottom bracket for belt tensioning.

The beauty of the SRAM E-matic system is its plug-and-play quality. The enclosed and protected rear-wheel hub includes a torque-sensor, controller, motor, and an automatic transmission system. The torque-sensor monitors the rider’s effort and the controller delivers motor assistance as needed. The transmission shifts automatically to ensure that the rider is always in the right gear, delivering power at low speeds for getting started or getting up hills, and efficiency at high speeds. The battery includes a fuel gauge to monitor when it needs to be charged and is contained in a specially designed rear-carrier that is a fully-functional rack, including a spring-loaded cargo-clip.

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