Some things we were missing but didn't know it

Our second day at Sea Otter started with a bike ride but really it was more than that. Bosch invited us to come check out their new Smart System which offers new tech and performance features we are stoked to talk about.

What’s an app?

So many of you may not want an app to fiddle with on the trail and is so you won’t fully miss out. Bosch’s new controller allows you to make a certain amount of adjustment without the app. If you do buy a bike with this new system we think you’ll enjoy the app even if you only use it once to get set up.

The Smart System allows you to connect with the bike for a multitude of adjustments and updates. You can actually adjust the torque curve in different modes and likewise with the power levels. This is a big deal for particular trail needs as well as making wheelies feel more natural. The new handlebar controller has 5 lights to show the battery level but will change color to essentially add 10 bars of battery life indication.

Bosch told us that most of the updated feel to the new CX Performance motor has been done already and that the tweak-ability you have is minimal compared the updated software in the motor. Nonetheless you will have cool options like limiting your bike to a certain speed which may be handy for children. Also the ability to lower the overall torque level which could help save battery life for really long rides.

Our favorite and possibly the most unique feature is something so simple but not yet mentioned within the e-mtb discipline in this way. It can be found in e-mtb mode and essentially it keeps accelerating after you let off pressure on the pedals but only for a brief moment. This allows a new approach to technical climbing because of the nature of e-mtbs. All in all it’s a few little things that brought Bosch up a few notches in our book. We will have a full review in the coming months so stayed tune for all the details. In the meantime you can read more at