Felt Expands 2015 Electric Offerings

Felt Bicycles formally announce an expanding 2015 electric bike line, Felt Electric. The Felt Electric bike line launch for the US includes three mountain bike models and one lifestyle model. The new addition to the already existing Felt European electric bike line is the Lebowsk-e and Dual-e.

The Lebowsk-e fat tire bike will be available in three sizes – small, medium and large. The Dual-e is a full-suspension 29-inched wheel mountain bike. The Dual-e is offered in small, medium, large, and extra large.

The Felt Verza

Felt’s European line-up will continue to offer the Verza-e, QX-e, and Nine-e models. The Verza-e is offered in a traditional or step-through frame design. The Verza-e is available in four sizes. The QX-e comes in both a traditional and step-through model. It is available in five men’s and two women’s sizes.

The Nine-e is a genuine 29-inch-wheeed hardtail. Available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra large.

Fat tires float over sand or snow. Electric assist make the job a lot easier.

Felt is entering the US electric bike market with the already mentioned Lebowsk-e, Dual-e, and Nine-e models, in addition to a lifestyle model – the Sport-e. Felt’s Sport-e is designed in both a traditional and a step-through model. This all purpose electric bike is intended for commuting and running errands, and is available in five men’s and two women’s sizes.

The Felt Nine series sports 29-inch wheels and hardtail (no rear suspension) aluminum frames.

All Felt Electric bikes are proprietary designs and fully equipped with Bosch’s mid-drive motor and battery pack, which can assist up to 20mph. With the rising popularity of e-bikes throughout Europe, and with soaring gas prices and people wanting to be more active, the Felt Electric bike series is the perfect transportation or exercise alternative.

“Felt Bicycles has been selling Bosch powered e-bikes for the past three years in Europe,” explains Felt Bicycles President Bill Duehring. “We jumped at the chance to expand the mountain bike-specific segment for 2015. We feel Bosch’s reputation and quality products make them the perfect partner for Felt Bicycles and we are very excited to grow this lineup for 2015 model year.”